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Shipping & Returns

Returns /Replacement / Refunds / Goof Up Policy

Basically our policy fits into four categories:

  • Our goof up:  we've sent you the wrong / damaged /faulty item. Please contact us and we'll replace / refund.

  • Your goof up:  We don't look to profit from customer mistakes (you're not an expert at stickers) If you've messed up, let us know. We'll generally replace at or below cost, depending on the situation. HOWEVER we will need some photographic evidence (not just as proof but it may also help us figure out what went wrong) so please don't throw the stickers/materials away before getting in touch.

  • Test sticker fails: Some walls simply don't like stickers (eg teflon paint). Some walls like some stickers and not others. We provide a test sticker with every order so you can check. If it fails, you can return the unused stickers for a refund. Again - a photo will help us sort this out more quickly, so please don't just throw the test sticker away.
  • Change of mind: That's OK - buying over the internet is a bit of guess work and photo's sometimes don't match reality. Again, contact us first but generallly we'll happily refund.


We aim to ship within 1 working day. Because our items are made-to-order we need to schedule production. Our production schedule is done first thing in the morning, so orders received after 9.00 am may not make it out the door that day. Also printed items need time to dry before we can pack them.



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